It is the pleasure of Toshka for publishing and advertisement to announce the establishment of the Communication for Development Unit (C4D unit). The main objective of establishing this unit is to serve international organizations, ministries, NGOs, NPOs, and all other agencies that work in various sectors of development and social marketing activities such as health, environment, and community development. The C4D Unit introduces its services for clients through a special qualified team that is enriched with a group of consultants of C4D.

Why C4D Unit?

to assist agencies that are looking for specialized units in C4D activities that adopt various formulation and preparation techniques that fit the nature and objectives of development.

When shall we contact C4D Unit?

The client can contact the unit as of planning or thinking to produce any communication tool where advice would be introduced to help clients in selecting the communication tool, contents and specifications. The unit can also assist clients after they the communication tool and contents as it introduces the services of message treatment, organizing contents, running pre-tests and producing the tool.

What are the types of communication tools that can be produced?

- Printed materials: leaflets, brochures, posters, magazines, and newsletters.
- Audio-Visual materials: documentary films, educational films, social drama for TV & Radio, TV announcements in for behaviour change purposes.

What are other available supportive services?

Many services such as organizing local and international workshops, seminars, and conferences.

What about Supportive training programs?

The C4D Unit can organize various training programs that support communication activities such as the courses of communication skills,presentation and persuasion skills, ToT and the usage of audio - visual aids.

Toshka for Publishing and Advertising has been established in 1998 by a group of media specialists in mass media and advertising in all printed, audio and visual communication channels.

This group of media specialists runs the company and Mr. Mohamed El Akawi is the Chairman of it. The company is also functioning as the commercial representative for Dtribes International that has bureaus in France, China and Singapore.In addition,Toshka is also a certified agent for Al-Ahram for advertising.

The company owns the most modern presses that print all sizes. Toshka’s headquarter is located in Aguza and it has a branch down town Cairo (Tahrir area).

Main activities of Toshka Advertising Agency (TAA)

1. Information and advertising services (comprehensive advertising services via print, audio and visual media).
2. Organizing conferences, workshop and design of posters, and billboards (outdoor and indoor).
3. Specialized in television production of documentary, still movies, drama films, and T.V. spots.
4. Production of 2D and 3D Cartoon films
5. Specialized in Printing of various sorts and dimensions.
6. A member in the writers' union and specialized in Publishing and printing books.
7. Production of promotion materials such as bags, mugs, and T-shirts
8. Implementation of direct and indirect advertising campaigns in all media vehicles